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Teaching Other Subjects in English (CLIL)

60 Hour Level 5 TEFL in Teaching Other Subjects in English

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If you are already certified to teach another topic (such as history, literature, etc.) or if you have a strong interest in this field, our brand-new Level 5 Teaching Other Subjects in English (CLIL) is ideal for you. Teaching CLIL may be a fun change of pace from General English and a terrific way to combine two of your knowledge bases! With the knowledge you'll gain from this course, you can teach various subjects in English while advancing your students' knowledge of both English and the subject of their choice.

Worldwide summer schools and Asia are big fans of this style of instruction. Given that this is a specialized area of teaching, potential employers will be eager to interview you if you obtain a qualification in teaching other subjects. Your potential employers will see that you possess the specialized knowledge necessary to instruct this subject if you hold a Teaching Other Subjects in English qualification.

You will learn about this aspect of teaching the English language, when and where these lessons are typically held, and what it means for you as a TEFL teacher in our 60-hour accredited course. For this specialty, you'll learn how to deal with resources and about lesson planning, giving you the self-assurance to enter the classroom!

Our Course Style

We offer all our courses online and in the form of self-study. This means you can get qualified to teach Business English on your own time. You access the modules when and where you want. You have complete control over when you study and can access your course 24/7, so you can progress through the modules at your own pace.

Top 5 Benefits of this Level 5 Award

  1. Teaching Other Subjects in English is of the areas that fewer teachers are qualified in. This means if you undertake our 60-hour course, you will have the upper hand for job applications as this qualification will stand out on your CV!

  2. If you are passionate about or qualified to teach another subject, then you can combine this passion and/or knowledge with your TEFL skills!

  3. Your digital and hard copy certificates are included for free in this course (terms and conditionals apply.

  4. Undertaking this course will give you extensive knowledge of the CLIL context and how you can fit into this as a fully qualified teacher. You’ll finish the course feeling confident and armed with CLIL knowledge!

  5. You’ll find this course a big advantage if you are looking to study in South-East Asia, where teachers are often in demand for Teaching Other Subjects in English. This will help you obtain your dream job and start a new adventure!

What’s included

Our courses are built with students’ experience in mind - proven learning principles, mentorship. Once you complete our training you are unlocking all the tools you need to begin your English teaching career.

  • Internationally recognised TEFL certificate - Digital Completion Certificate Included

  • TEFL training -  Approved by Highfield and Ofqual

  • Full Suite of Tutor Support -  Weekly Zoom Classes, Personal Tutor Assigned to Each learner + Discord Board to connect with other learners

  • Accredited Courses -  TEFL training approved by TQUK, ODLQC & ACDL

  • Job Support - Lifetime Access to our Jobs Board & recruitment team ready to help you kickstart your TEFL career

  • Employer Certificate Verification -  Your future employer can verify if your certificate is on our database and accredited

  • TEFL on the Go App - All Students can complete their training from any device, from anywhere in the world

  • 24/7 Access -  Self-paced online TEFL Course. Complete the course at your own pace, and at times that suit you. Even if you are working or studying you can complete the course at ease with our 6 months study time.

Course Content Breakdown

3-6 weeks • TEFL Institute mentorship • approx. 4-5 hrs/week time commitment

Module 1- The Principles of Teaching Other Subjects in English

Module 2 - The Principles of Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Teaching and Language Acquisition

Module 3 - The Principles of Teaching Techniques and Content Lesson Materials for Teaching Other Subjects in English

Module 4 - The Principles of Understanding Learners, Materials and Challenges when Teaching Other Subjects in English

Module 5 - The Principles of Lesson Planning and Classroom Management for Teaching Other Subjects in English



60 Hour Level 5 Awards: This is a Level 5 Award which includes progress quizzes after each module that are graded instantly. They require a 100% grade to pass. After studying all 5 Modules, you will have to submit one final written assessment that is assessed. The written assessment is approximately 25 questions and will be marked by The TEFL Institute academic assessors. A grate of 100% is required to pass. If any answers are not correct, you may be required to complete a resubmission.

Meet your instructors

You're not in this alone, as part of this course you'll be matched with a mentor from our academic team. Mentors are CELTA & DELTA qualified, and have at least 4 years of teaching experience. Whenever you will need help our tutor team is there to guide you. create alongside them, and receive weekly live & asynchronous feedback on real-world projects.

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