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Terms of Tuition Contract:

Both Student and other party are responsible for the payments. They should read all the provisions given in the student contract, complete the required information, sign and return the student contract to the Lanka TEFL Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. A non-refundable Application fee of Rs.5,000 should be made to the Institute at the initial registration, which may be done through a bank deposit or an online transfer.

A Student will be accepted for the enrollment when the duly completed student contract has been delivered to Lanka TEFL Training Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. The student will be interviewed and notified of acceptance.

Tuition fees are subject to change without notice. Use of an older Tuition Contract form does not mean older tuition fees apply to the course which is registered. However the current tuition fees will apply in all cases.

Lanka TEFL courses are accredited/registered by TVEC – Sri Lanka and International accreditation organisations, the International colleges and universities. All the students will receive national and International accredited Master Degree / Bachelor Degree /  Diploma or Certification making  them eligible to teach in any college /School or University in the world depending on their performance.

Lanka TEFL Training Institute (Pvt) Ltd is affiliated to the following International accreditation organisations and colleges and universities.


London Teacher Training College - UK

ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) – UK


CA Institute – Czech Republic

TVEC – Sri Lanka


Options for paying Tuition include:

  • Payment in full at the time of enrollment or prearranged payment plan as listed above with the specified course.

  • Additional payment schedules may be requested and implemented when approved.

  • If a payment plan method is selected directly with the institute, these terms will apply for the duration of the plan:

  • There is a Rs.2,500 fee added to the balance payment for each and every declined payment (missed or late Installment payment)

  • There is a Rs. 10,000 fee for each modification of the payment plan once it is established.

  • Delays in attendance, hiatus or leave of absence do not affect the ongoing nature of payment Plans; all payments are required to be made as per the agreed upon plan until tuition fee is paid in full, including late fees. A leave or an absence for any reason does not terminate or otherwise postpone tuition payments.

  • The sequence of payments must be made as contracted, or the full balance is due and payable. If direct deposit is the payment method, the student should agree to set up an automatic monthly date to be directly deposited to Lanka TEFL Training Institute (Pvt) Ltd.’s on the same day each and every month until tuition and fees are paid in full.

  • Lanka TEFL does not charge interest for payment plans; however, there is a Rs.10,000/ setup fee for such a plan, said fee is added to the required tuition down payment.


In the case of a third party (organization/financial facility provider/recognized bank) paying the tuition and fees, the student should understand that an unpaid balance may result in temporary or permanent termination of enrollment, and/or delay certification upon completion of course requirements. Master Degree / Bachelor Degree / Diplomas or Certificates are withheld until tuition is paid in full.

If there is a withdrawal before the start of the course, Lanka TEFL must receive a written request within three days of signing the student  contract. For all tuition fees paid less than Rs. 35,000/, a handling fee will be refunded. After the class start date, refund is made according to the refund schedule. Withdrawals or dismissals after the first six week of classes will not receive a tuition refund.The student should agree that he/she is responsible for their tuition balance until paid in full regardless of status, performance, completion, and so forth.

If the student agrees to make payment through an installment plan directly with the institute (without a third party), the refund will be made by deducting a sum of Rs.35,000/ from the down payment.


If the student withdraws and payment of tuition fee is made in full, the student may request admission to a subsequent class to resume study.


On completion of the course the student must submit the assignment/Thesis on the given due time, failing which a fee of Rs.30,000/ needs to be paid as a penalty, if the submission is after the given deadline.


The students who will not make the planned payments, thesis, assignment and not attend the class will be considered as a dropout student and his/her details will not be listed in the TVEC student registration portal and listed as a dropout student. And you will not be entitled to have a certificate /Diploma or official letter from the TEFL Institute or TVEC or any other awarding body.

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