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Pre school teacher


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Pre School Teacher

All Pre School Teacher Trainees will get a Free English Course


Three certificates in one course:


  • Accredited local certificate - Internationally recognized

  • Lanka TEFL certificate

  • English proficiency certificate



Childhood can be recognized as the most crucial stage of human life.The main reason cited as even if an individual is becoming as a youth or old , the experience one such person gain will overall influence throughout his/her entire life.

When a study was carried out , during the post seventies regarding the Pre School Teacher duties and attributes, the focus was mainly drawn toward this stage. At present all the nations in the world either developed or being developed, Pre School Education sector remained mainly focused.

  • Should be well versed in the child development areas such as Language, Aesthetic,Physical , Mental,Social and Emotions.

  • Should have developed knowledge regarding Child Immunization and Nutrition.

  • Should have attend abilities, regarding first Aid during minor injuries and accidents.

  • Should have understood the domestic environment of the child.

  • Should have engaged a coordinated planning for teaching.

  • Should be a developer of Learning /Teaching materials and the correct user of them during Teaching.

  • Should have understood the importance of Activities related to the practical life of the child.

  • Should be a developer of storytelling , listening , describing, abilities in children.

  • Should be a developer of creative expression abilities in children.

  • Should have comprehended the various methodologies to understand children.

Also many Developed Countries , pay special attention towards the pre school teacher.The scholars and administrators of those countries believe the pre school teacher should mostly develop his/her virtues in a way to suit the existing culture of his /her own Country.

The salient feature when observing the above that strike unto one's mind is, Education of any country may have its aims and objectives.When accomplishing those ideals, it can be stated that achieving them through pre school education must be powerful and should be prioritized. The quality of such pre school Education is determined by the professional and the skills of the pre school teacher.






































Admission Requirements:

  • Applicants should be over 18 years of age

  • And should have passed at least in six subjects including Mathematics

  • And First Language at the General Certificate (Ordinary Level) Examination.

  • A good knowledge in the language medium selected will be an advantage.

  • G.C.E. (O/L) with “C” pass in English

  • G.C.E. (A/L) with two subjects for Local and London examinations or equivalent qualification

  • Untrained pre-school teachers

  • Those who wish to run their own pre-school

Documents required for Registration:


When you come for Registration you need to bring:

1. National identity card and a photocopy

2. Original Birth Certificate and a photocopy

3. Any other educational credentials

4. Recommendation and Experience letters.

5. Three passport size photographs (35 mm x 45 mm)

6. TEFL application form

7. CV

Course Outline
  • Principles of Pre-School Education

  • Child Psychology

  • Development of Language Skills

  • Development of Mathematical Concepts

  • Environment Awareness

  • Aesthetic and Creative Activities

  • Methodology and preparation of Teaching Aids

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Organization and Management of Pre-school

  • General English

  • Teaching Practice

Medium of Instruction : Sinhala / English and Tamil

Target Group:

(a)For those who conduct their own Pre-Schools and / or

(b)For those who intend to be/ presently working as pre-school teachers or creche workers and/ or

(c)For young mothers who wish to gain knowledge of correct ways of bringing up their children


Mode of Delivery : Physical Classroom / Online & Blended Learning

Practical Work:


Apart from Theoretical Courses there is a Practical training in Pre-school Education which includes guided teaching practice, preparation of teaching aids and observation at the pre-schools located in :

  • (Colombo) Dehiwala,

  • Matara and

  • Kandy

  • Batticola

  • Vauniya

  • Thalawakele


Regional Centres as well as at many other selected Pre-schools throughout the country. These Practical sessions are compulsory.


Assessment includes Continuous Assessment and Final Evaluation.

i. Continuous Assessment-is conducted through a specified number of compulsory assignments. Students are required to submit these assignments, which will be graded and returned together with the tutor's comments.

ii. Final Evaluation-each course (other than the project) will be evaluated on the basis of a written examination of three hours duration.The written examination consists of eight question papers.


iii. Three practical components are assessed separately.



Who should Enrol :

  • Aspiring teachers : who want to begin their careers as an early childhood instructor

  • Teachers : who are looking for an up-gradation as well as a review of the teaching methods and tactics

  • Young mothers : who want to be an effective educator at home for their children

  • Homemakers : who are looking to take up a job that will help in maintaining the work-home balance

  • Career changers : who want a shift in their career

  • Entrepreneurs : who are interested in opening pre-school

  • Student : after O/L and A/L

  • Teachers : Planning to migrate

  • Anyone else: who would like to become a Pre - school teacher

Note :

Assignments and the final exam should be completed in English for students who have registered for the English medium.
If not, your  script won't be graded, and you could have to repeat the appropriate course's final exam.


When there are at least 20 students enrolled in each of the aforementioned centers, the program will begin there..


Free : English Language course course for participants without any charges.



Available in the training period

Sinhala Medium
Full Time

Course Code: TEFLPRE/S - 100

Course Duration: 12 Months

Days : Monday to  Friday

Time : 9.00 am to 3.00pm


Starting on :

03rd March  2023 (Friday)

Registration deadline :

10th  February 2023

Payment deadline :

20th February  2023

Course starting location:

  • Colombo

Non refundable registration Fee : Rs. 10,000/


Course Fee: Rs.80,000/

Total Amount : Rs.90,000/

Pay in Installment : 10  Months

Total : Rs. 8,000/ X 10 = Rs.80,000/

Pay the total amount at once and get a discount of Rs.10,000/.

English Medium
Part Time

Course Code: TEFLPRE/E - 101


Course Duration: 12 Months

Days : Saturday & Sunday

Time : 9.00 am to 3.00pm

Starting on:

18th  February 2023 (Saturday)

Registration deadline :

27th  January 2023

Payment deadline :

03rd February  2023

Course starting location:

  • Colombo

Non refundable registration Fee : Rs.15,000/


Course Fee: Rs. 80,000/

Total Amount : Rs: 95,000/

Pay in Installment : 10 Months

Total : Rs.8,000 X 10 = Rs.,80,000/

Pay the total amount at once and get a discount of Rs.15,000/.

Tamil Medium
Part Time

Course Code: TEFLPRE/T - 102

Course Duration: 12 Months

Days : Saturday & Sunday

Time : 9.00 am to 3.00pm

Starting on:

18th  February 2023 (Saturday)

Registration deadline :

20th April 2022

Payment deadline :

25th  April 2022

Course starting location:

  • Colombo

Non refundable registration Fee : Rs.10,000/

Course Fee: Rs.80,000/

Total Amount : Rs. 90,000/

Pay in Installment : 10 Months

Total : Rs.8,000 X 10 = Rs.80,000/

Pay the total amount at once and get a discount of Rs.10,000/.



A 50% discount is offered to the first 15 students who enroll.
This offer valid until 10th February 2023

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