Lanka TEFL Training Institute’s reputation of excellence has allowed us to become affiliated with some of the largest public and private English language educational programmes in the world, additionally, Lanka TEFL Training Institute’s relationships with various private language schools around the globe often elevate our students to the top of many hiring pools.


Our students come from different backgrounds in Sri Lanka,but all of them receive an equal opportunity to study under international standards in the same classroom.


To be the leading English Training Center & Tertiary Education Training Institute in Sri Lanka"



Our Teachers  

Our highly experienced and qualified teachers are passionate about their respective subjects and passing on their knowledge to the students within our dynamic and diverse community.

Well Worth it
I achieved my certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, from Lanka TEFL  Training Institute. How about you ?  I will make use of this highly sought-after certificate to internationally strengthen my career ladder as an English Lecturer
Indika Thilakarantne


Awesome Methodology

I am grateful to have received this qualification from Lanka TEFL Training Institute. The methodology carried out teaching this course has given me immense confidence to conduct teaching any where in the world.

Sammani Perera


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