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NILE’S MA in Professional Development for Language Education (MAPDLE) is offered in partnership with and validated by the University of Chichester. It is a flexibly delivered, modular postgraduate programme designed for professionals involved in ELT or in other sectors of language education who wish to develop their specialist skills. It offers high levels of personal choice and control over the routes followed and the timing of modules.

The MAPDLE has been offered now for over 21 years and normally averages a cohort of around 240 students from over 30 different countries across the world. Students have up to six years in which to complete the MA, but those who have the Cambridge Delta or Trinity Diploma in TESOL will be exempt from the core module so long as they also have an undergraduate degree. Other prior learning, certificated and/or experiential may also be considered. Each module consists of a face-to-face or online course followed by a six-month period in which to complete post-course assignments with the distance support of the course tutor.

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