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Course Code: DIPTEO

Entry Requirements: Cert TEFL/TESOL

Course Length: 60 Hours

Delivery Method: Online

Fees: Rs. 75,000/

Recognition and Validity of the Certification:

Every graduate of the London Teacher Training College receives a certificate, which is recognised by employers and governments around the world.


  • TESOL/TEFL certificate (100+ hrs)

  • Teachers wanting to upgrade their skillset

  • Teachers wanting specialised training

  • Those who are fluent in English

  • Minimum 17 years old

  • No maximum age limit



The Freedom to:

  • Teach anywhere / anytime

  • Teach online

  • Teach from home

  • Teach on the road

  • Teach overseas / travelling


The Potential to:

  • Work full-time

  • Work part-time

  • Increase earning potential

  • Increase employability

  • Set your own hours


What you’ll get:

  • 3hr hours of teaching practicum

  • Direct feedback from qualified trainer


The Modules:

Module One: Overview
Online Workshop 1

Module Two: Getting started
Online Workshop 2

Module Three: Materials and resources
Online Workshop 3

Module Four: From Traditional Classroom to Online Classroom
Online Workshop 4

Module Five: Checking and testing learning effectiveness
Online Workshop 5

Module Six: Setting up a web site
Online Workshop 6

Setting up your own business

You will be given your own login and password to enter our online Learning Portal. Here you will view short training videos, complete brief readings followed by quizzes to assess understanding or complete an assessment task to practice specific skills.

On the Learning Portal you will have access to a fully qualified and experienced TESOL trainer to assist you in completing tasks, answering questions and marking your work. You can work at your own pace, as quickly as you like or take your time. There is no cut off or limit for marking or completing this course.

There is also no need to attend any in-class sessions, as this course is fully completed online including 3 hours Work Experience that needs to be arranged by yourself for you via Skype once you have completed your theory units.


Job Opportunities

Teach online from:

  • Home

  • On the road

  • Overseas

  • Travelling

  • Anywhere with an internet connection

Initial Registration process:

Step - 1 - You will send your CV by email along with  the completed TEFL application form (Downloadable from the website)

Step - 2 - TEFL Institute will check the eligibility requirement for the selected course and confirm you by email.


Step - 3 - Choose your preferred payment plan according to your budget on the given payment plans  in the table (A, or B  given at the top of this page)

Step - 4 -

01.Deposit a non refundable registration fee of Rs.5,000/ to the TEFL bank account and send the scanned bank slip to the TEFL Institute.


02.Deposit a down payment of Rs.35,000/  TEFL bank account and pay the remaining balance payment in Installment or pay at once.


03. If you are paying  full payment at once you will get Rs.10,000/ discount , then you only need to pay Rs.65,000/

Step - 5 - Enrollment  confirmation along with an official Invoice or receipt will be sent to you by the TEFL Institute.

Step - 6 - You will then send the following documents by post/courier or handover in person to the  TEFL Institute.

- Copy of your National ID or Passport.

- TEFL/TESOL Certificate
- Copy of Birth Certificate
- Educational credentials and copies

- Experienced Certificates

- Recommendation Letters given by the previous employers.
- 04 - Passport size photos
- Copy of your CV

- TEFL Application  form

Step - 7 - You will sign the two copies of the school -student contract.Keep one for yourself and send another to the TEFL Institute.

Step - 8 - Information on the first day of the class  will be sent to you by the TEFL Institute.


The Course Fee: Rs. 70,000/



Course Fee- Rs. 70,000/

Non Refundable Registration Fee : Rs.5,000/

Total Course Fee : Rs. 75,000/

One time payment ,you will get Rs.10,000/ discount

The Discounted Fee : Rs.65,000/



Course Fee - Rs.  70,000/

Non Refundable Registration Fee:Rs.5,000/

Total Course Fee: Rs.75,000/

No Discount Available

Down payment-  Rs.  35,000/

1 X 40,000/  -      Rs.  40,000/

Before the class commencement.


Rs.5,000/ Non - refundable fee due with application.

Rs.10,000/ for late registration fee

Rs.  2,500/ for each and every declined, missed or late payment

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