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Lanka TEFL Training Institute (Pvt) Ltd., is a registered Language Training Institute in Western province of Sri Lanka. Our Institute was established in 2012 and we have well qualified and experienced group of local  & foreign  linguistic professionals. 

Lanka TEFL Training Institute’s reputation of excellence has allowed us to become affiliated with some of the largest public and private English language educational programmes in the world, additionally, Lanka TEFL Training Institute’s relationships with various private language schools around the globe often elevate our students to the top of many hiring pools.

Lanka TEFL Training Institute is conducting Certificate and Diploma Courses in Cooperation with following awarding bodies and accreditation organisations, Schools and Institutes.

TVEC - Tertiary Vocational Education Commission - Sri Lanka

CA Institute - Czech Republic

ALAP - Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals - UK

NILE - ELT - United Kingdom

LTTC - London Teacher Training College in - UK

Academia Ricai - Italy

MFH International - New Zealand

Centre de Antibes - France


All the Certificates are endorsed by awarding & accreditation Organisations recognized by the respective countries, department and regulating bodies.

The awards and the qualification are recognized worldwide and valid for lifetime.

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