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Professional Development Courses - online


NILE Online offers interactive, tutor-led teacher training and teacher development that you can fit around your busy working life.






















NILE Online Year-Round Courses:

With just five hours a week of online study time, over an eight week period, you will learn skills and practices that you can apply to your professional life straight away.

NILE Online is the first online course provider aligned to the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. NILE Online courses are also formally aligned to the Eaquals Framework for Language Teacher Training and Development

Our trainer training courses, From Teacher to Trainer and Trainer Development, are also aligned to the Cambridge English Trainer Framework developed in collaboration with NILE.

From September 2020, we are also offering the opportunity to work towards the Trinity Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT) as an extension of the NILE Online 8-week provision, a new qualification with a strong emphasis on context, personalisation, practical application and critical reflection.

Each course is designed and run by a NILE tutor with experience and an international reputation in the topic area, and has a maximum of 16 course participants.

We employ a range of multimedia and bespoke activities to truly exploit the digital medium.

You will be able to choose when and where you study, as long as you stick to the unit deadlines. Occasionally courses will feature synchronous sessions such as live chats, webinars and video conferencing sessions, and these will be at a time agreed by participants and your course tutor.

You will work towards the production of an assessed product in each course and receive a certificate of achievement for this and your participation in course activities.

All NILE Online courses uphold the NILE tradition of excellence in tutoring, materials, support and engagement.

NILE Online co-founded Aqueduto, an organisation set up with the dual aim of helping training providers highlight the quality of their online courses and end users identify those providers.


NILE Online 8-week courses (with optional Trinity CertPT-extension):




The Trinity Certificate for Practising Teachers (CertPT)  is awarded upon completing an 8-week assignment after a NILE Online 8 week course, fulfilling the skills and knowledge descriptors as set out by Trinity College London. An admin and certification fee applies to this extension. 

The Trinity CertPT is an internationally-recognised, standalone, continuing professional development qualification that can be taken independently of other teacher education qualifications.  The CertPT helps teachers evaluate, adapt, create and use and reflect on the use of teaching resources relevant to their context. 

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