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TESOL 180hour certificate course

Lanka TEFL Training Institute (Pvt ) Ltd in Sri Lanka and CA Institute in Brno – Czech Republic has come into an agreement and signed MOU to strengthen their partnership on 20th August 2020, and CA Institute has been appointed Lanka TEFL Training Institute ( Pvt ) Ltd, as their exclusive partner for the whole country of Sri Lanka to promote their TEFL/TESOL 180 Certification course and all other course in Sri Lanka.


CA Institute was first known as California School of Business and Practical English. It all started when the Founding Director, Erik Dostal, came to Czechoslovakia in 1988 with his father Zdenek Dostal. As a first generation American raised in Southern California, Erik Dostal had an advantage – language. Through language he set up the roots of what is now a private continuing education institute with programs that include language education and development, teacher training, MBA programs, Bachelor Programs, language assessment centers, football training, and medical programs. CA Institute made global partners with top educational institutions over the years and hosted international conferences, symposia and workshops. CA Institute also takes part in international events.

CA Institute is growing every day and is keeping up with technology and innovation so that students worldwide can follow the founder’s vision to be able to communicate effectively and be globally productive citizens.


CA Institute is an academic institution in Brno – Czech Republic that offers a personalized education in order to further develop individuals’ abilities to communicate effectively globally. CA Institute has been in business for more than 23years.

Teacher Training TEFL/TESOL 180:

TEFL/TESOL 180 certification course is designed for candidates with little or no previous English language teaching experience. It was started together with the University of Chicago and has developed into an internationally accredited and recognized initial teacher training program. It is also taken by candidates with some teaching experience who have received little practical teacher training and by those who want to stay up to date with trends in the world of language teaching.


Course Description:
180 total hours
150 hours – coursework
30 hours – practicum

(10 hours – mentor teacher observation;

10 hours – peer teacher observation;

10 hours – practice teaching)



  • Module 1 - Introduction to Language Teaching

  • Module 2 - Teaching Methodologies

  • Module 3 - R-PPP-R and Lesson Planing

  • Module 4 - In the Classroom

  • Module 5 - The Formal Lesson Plans

  • Module 6 - Teaching Tools

  • Module 7 - Productive Skills

  • Module 8 - Receptive Skills

  • Module 9 - Vocabulary

  • Module 10 - English Grammar

  • Module 11 - Assessment

  • Module 12 - Developing as a Teacher


The successful candidate has completed 130 coursework hours consisting of all of the assignments, quizzes, projects, tasks, and final exam/presentation at a grade of 70% or higher as well as all 30 hours of practicum in order to receive this certificate at one of the following grades:

90%-100% Grade of A – Outstanding in all course modules and displayed superior class management and practical teaching skills.
80%-89% Grade of B – Excelled in all tasks and displayed sufficient class management and practical teaching skills.
70%-79% Grade of Pass – Satisfactory performance but would benefit from additional mentoring by an experienced instructor.
An Attendee certificate is issued to candidates who have unsatisfactorily met the criteria in any or all assessed components, but was present for the entire course.


This course covers the full spectrum of teaching languages from all levels and ages. It is a more complete teacher certification than a CELTA and acts as a stepping stone to DELTA as well as other teacher training continual professional development courses offered at CA Institute as a host venue to NILE ( Norwich Institute for Language Education ).

  1. Rolling enrollment – pay today and start tomorrow.

  2. Runs all year round.

  3. Eaquals accredited and globally recognized

  4. Prerequisite of a B1 in English

  5. Located in the center of Europe

  6. Job placement assistance

  7. Receive lifetime support with your CPD

  8. Join a network of the world’s top professional teacher trainers.

  9. Internship placement


Course Fees Breakdown :

Weekend course: Saturday or Sunday or both days together

Total Cost : USD 1,800 or pay at once and get 10% Discount

1st Installment   : ( Inc. Administration and Materials & Certificate Fees) -  USD 1,000/

2nd Installment  : USD 500        ( 1st Month after course)

3rd Installment  : USD 300         ( 2nd Month after course)

Duration           : Eight Months or Four Months.

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