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Module 1 reading list

The following reading list is intended to support your learning on Module 1. Several books are marked essential reading. This means it is strongly recommended that you obtain a copy of the book concerned. There is usually one essential book for each sub-module. Unit content is partially based on these books, and you will sometimes need to refer to the set book(s). All other titles are marked recommended reading. They are not compulsory, but will enrich your knowledge of the subject area.  


Language Systems


Essential reading 
Parrott, M. (2000) Grammar for English Language Teachers, CUP
Recommended reading 
Bolitho, R and Tomlinson, B. (2005) Discover English, Heinemann 
Leech, G. (1982) Meaning and the English Verb, Longman 
Lewis, M. (2002) The English Verb, Thomson-Heinle 
Swan, M (1997) Practical English Usage, OUP 
Thornbury, S (2017) About Language, CUP


Essential reading 
Lewis, M. (2008) The Lexical Approach, Heinle 
Thornbury, S. (2002) How to Teach Vocabulary, Longman 
Recommended reading 
McCarthy, M., Schmitt, N. (1998) Vocabulary, CUP


Essential reading 
Underhill, A. (2005) Sound Foundations, MacMillan Books for Teachers

Recommended reading 
Roach, P. (2000) English Phonetics and Phonology, CUP


Essential reading 
McCarthy, M. (1991) Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers, CUP

Recommended reading
Arndt, V., Harvey, P., & Nuttall, J. (2000) Alive to Language, CUP 
Cook, G. (2001) Discourse, OUP
Thornbury, S. (2005) Beyond the Sentence: Introducing discourse analysis. Macmillan

Language skills 

Recommended reading 
Ur, P. (2012) A Course in Language Teaching, CUP


Recommended reading 
Bygate, M. (1987) Speaking, OUP 
Thornbury, S. (2005) How to Teach Speaking, CUP


Essential reading 
Ur, P. (2005) Teaching Listening Comprehension, CUP

Recommended reading 
Rixon, S. (1996) Developing Listening Skills, Macmillan

Essential reading 
Grellet, F. (1981) Developing Reading Skills, CUP 

Recommended reading 
Nuttall, C. (2005) Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language, Heinemann


Essential reading 
Hedge, T. (2005) Writing, OUP 

Recommended reading 
White, R.,& Arndt, V. (1991) Process Writing, Longman

Other areas

Student errors 

Recommended reading 
Swan, M., & Smith, B. (2001) Learner English, CUP

Testing and assessment 

Essential reading 
Hughes, A. (2002) Testing for Language Teachers, CUP. 

Recommended reading 
Underhill, N. (1987) Testing Spoken Language, CUP.

Resources, materials 

Recommended reading 
Cunningsworth, A. (1995) Choosing Your Coursebook, Heinemann.


Recommended reading 
Bowen, T., & Marks, J. (1994) Inside Teaching, Heinemann

Harmer, J. (2007) The Practice of English Language Teaching (4th edition), Longman

Scrivener, J. (2005) Learning Teaching (2nd edition), Heinemann

Language teaching and learning theory/history 

Essential reading 

Lightbown, P. & Spada, N. (2013) How Languages are Learned, Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

Recommended reading

Larsen-Freeman, D. (2011) Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching, Oxford American English

Brown, D.B. (2014) Principles of Language Learning and Teaching, Pearson

Stern, H.H. (1991) Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching, Oxford University Press 

Thornbury, S. (2010) A-Z of ELT, Macmillan


CUP = Cambridge University Press; OUP = Oxford University Press

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