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MA in Professional Development for Language Education (MAPDLE)


How much does an MA course cost?

The course costs are indicated in the Dates & Fees section on the course details page for each individual module.

What are the MA entry requirements?

In addition to a minimum of two years’ teaching experience, applicants need to have one of the following to be eligible for MAPDLE: 
i. An undergraduate honours degree 
ii. A Postgraduate Diploma
iii. Other awards offering comparable levels of knowledge and understanding

If you do not meet these requirements, please contact the Registrar for advice.

Access to current language learners for classroom investigation is necessary for candidates who take the core MALTM module, and for some electives (MADLA, MATYL, MATALL , MACLIL). Access to current language learners is useful but not required for the Dissertation and for the other electives (MAMAT, MATEA, MAMILE, MATEAP, MATD). 

Do I have to enrol for the whole MA programme?

Yes, you do need to enrol for the whole programme, but you enrol and pay for each module within it separately, according to your individual needs. There are then two possible exit points where you can withdraw from the programme with a ‘contained award’: a Postgraduate Certificate (after gaining 60 credits) or a Postgraduate Diploma (after gaining 120 credits). The Core module counts for 60 credits and the elective modules count for a further 30 credits each.

Do I have to start with the Core module?

Normally, yes, though in special circumstances it may be possible to start with one of the elective modules. If you already have an initial degree and the Cambridge Delta or Trinity Diploma in TESOL, you will be exempt from the Core module.

Should I do an MA or Delta programme?

This depends very much on your personal career objectives. The Delta is a much more practical teaching qualification than most Masters courses, but if you are thinking of doing the Delta first and then going on to do a Masters, it is worth noting that a Pass in all three Delta modules can be accepted by the University of Chichester as Accreditation of Prior Learning, counting for 60 credits and giving you exemption from the core module of NILE’s MA. NILE has created a video that tells you more about choosing between the MA & the Delta.

How much time do I need to spend on a face-to-face MA module?

All face-to-face elective module courses are 50 hours long, over a period of 2 weeks . You may receive up to 3 hours per week homework as well. You have 6 months from the end of the course to write 3 assignments. This should take you approximately 250 hours.  

If you take the MA LTM module (Core Module) face-to-face this is 75 hours long, over a period of 3 weeks. As with the elective modules, you may receive up to 3 hours per week homework as well. You have 6 months from the end of the course to write 3 assignments. This should take you approximately 525 hours. 


How are written assignments supervised?

How much feedback can I expect? You can submit each meaningful section of an assignment for feedback, plus one final draft of the whole assignment. In addition, supervisors will also be available to respond to incidental queries between submissions.

When can I start the dissertation?

How long do I have to complete it? After you have successfully completed the Core Module and two elective modules, you may register to do the Dissertation Module (which counts for the final 60 credits). Once you have registered, you have 3 months in which to submit your Proposal. You should advise the Programme Leader of the proposed area or title for the Dissertation, and you will then be allocated a tutor who will help you prepare the Proposal. After you have approval to proceed, you then have 60 weeks in which to write and submit the Dissertation.

What does a dissertation proposal involve?

The Proposal should include a working title and an outline plan plus methodology, and should suggest sources and a basic bibliography. Your Proposal is then considered by Chichester, who will authorise it or suggest amendments. Once you have received formal approval to proceed with the Dissertation, you will be allocated a Supervisor (who may be the same person who helped you prepare the Proposal) and you will begin communicating with them and receive their support throughout the process of researching and writing the Dissertation.

Can I access the course and the materials after the taught part is over?

Yes. You will have access to your course and the NILE Library Online for at least one year after the completion of your MA programme. During this time you can download your resources from the course: your notes, summaries, articles, videos etc.

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