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Did you know that demonstrating your English communication skills is a prerequisite for employment in an English-speaking nation? You may be surprised to learn that English is the most widely used lingua franca and second language in the world. You can't avoid learning English! Concerned about your impending IELTS exams? Then enroll in our extensive, all-inclusive IELTS preparation course!

A comprehensive IELTS preparation and English intermediate course of 9 lessons.

Covering reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Intermediate English and IELTS Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson 1: Phonetics/Phonology

  • Lesson 2:  Morphology and Vocabulary

  • Lesson 3: Semantics

  • Lesson 4: Grammar and Syntax Part 1

  • Lesson 5: Grammar and Syntax Part 2

  • Lesson 6: Reading

  • Lesson 7: Listening

  • Lesson 8: Speaking

  • Lesson 9: Writing 


Did you know that you have to demonstrate your proficiency in the English language in order to get a job in the English-speaking world?

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