Lecture Panel:

Dr A. Dayananda (PhD (USA), M.A, Dip. in Marketing, B.A)
Area of expertise – Language, Phonetics, Teacher Trainer
With in depth experience in staff training, couselling, business communication skills and spoken english experience, Dr Dayananda is a very valuable asset to our institute. He is well trained in personal development & leadership. He will focus on language, spoken English, IELTS, Phonetics, lesson planning and teaching practice.

Mr. R. Subasinghe (M.A, Dip. in Ed, B.A)
Area of expertise – Teacher Trainer
Over 25 years experience in the field of education. A former lecturer in teacher training at English Teachers Training College, Peradeniya. He is an expert in educational assessment and evaluation. Mr Subasinghe was also former deputy commissioner of examinations at department of examinations, Sri Lanka.

Ms. D. Fernando
B.A. (English, French, International Studies) (Kelaniya),
CELTA (Cambridge),TEFL (UK), Dip. TESOL  (UK), DELF
Government approved sworn translator under Ministry of Justice (English, Sinhala, French)
Area of expertise – Language & Phonetics
A graduate of Kelaniya specialising in English & French, Ms Fernando is currently a part time lecturer at 2 leading institutes in Colombo. She is also an author of English Literature and French books for O/L students in Sri Lanka. She has 2 years experience in teaching TEFL course. She is currently reading for her Masters in Linguistics at University of Kelaniya.

Ms. J. Savage TEFL (UK)
Area of expertise – Language & Pronunciation
Born in the UK, Ms Savage has traveled around the middle east including Bahrain where she has engaged with students in teaching English. She is a past student of Lanka TEFL Training Institute. She currently resides in Sri Lanka and conducts a number of English classes in the south of Sri Lanka. She is assigned with a number of modules involving pronunciation as a native speaker of English.