TEFL Teaching Internship

TEFL Teaching Internship

Course Description

TEFL Teaching Internship and Official Teaching Programme in

This program is targeted to those TEFL graduates with 2 years working experience including a 5

months internship and 7 months follow on official work at a school in China. While on the internship

and teaching program, you will gain practical teaching experience to prepare you for the 7 months

official work.

In order for you to understand the full extent of the 5+7 internship and teaching program, it is

important to understand the process and timeline of events from now until the completion of your


Post Programme

At the end of the 5+7 internship and teaching program you have 4 available choices to make:

1) Return home: Fly back home and use your experience to apply for jobs in other countries or back

in your home country.

2) Travel: You can use your provided holiday time to travel to other areas of China; especially many

interns like to visit Beijing or other provinces before they depart.

3) Sign a contract with your school: At the beginning of your program, you will sign a 12 month

contract with a school in China. However you have the opportunity to sign another contract with the

school at the completion of your program.


1) Native English Speaker (Non-native English Speaker with good accent is acceptable).

2) TEFL/TESOL certificate (120-hour Course).

3) At least a Bachelor’s Degree.

4) 2 Years Working Experience Required.



1) Trainees state an interest for one of the schools that are present during the mock lesson.

2) The trainees attend an interview at the school.

3) The trainees have a 1-month ‘probation’ period at the school and may switch schools following the

probation period if desired.

4) Trainees are content with their school.


1) Trainees are now satisfied to teach in their current school.

2) After 1 month, a representative Meiji will visit the school to make sure everything is going well.

3) Once a month, you will have to visit our partner institute in China to give feedback and accept your

allowance of 3300RMB for living allowances and 200RMB for electricity and water allowances. Then

after your 5 month internship, you will receive a salary between 10,000- 20,000RMB directly from your


4) If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our partner Institute and discuss them at any


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