Diploma in Applied Hospitality Management (Advanced) Level 7

Diploma in Applied Hospitality Management (Advanced) Level 7

Course Description

Getting Career-Ready for Hospitality Industry

Course Aim:
This programme is aimed to equip people with the advanced practice-based knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to enter a managerial role in a range of hospitality businesses or companies. 

Course Outcome:
Graduates will be capable of effectively and professionally managing a small or medium size hospitality business or department in a large national or international company corporation. Graduates will be able to seek employment or further study opportunities.

Graduate Profile: 
Graduates of this programme will have gained a comprehensive, applied and specialised knowledge and skills in the diverse areas of hospitality management.  They will be capable of managing small to medium sized restaurants and cafes besides being able to secure employment in a wide range of hospitality roles including front office managers, event service managers, food service managers, executive housekeepers, sales managers, café and restaurant managers.

Qualification ownership:  MFH International Institute
Course level:  NZQA Qualification framework Level 7
Course code: NZQA 2400
Credits:   240 (15 credits for each paper)
Subject area:   Business and Management

Entry criteria:  IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550
Duration:   Up to 2 years (or 4 trimesters in 16 months )
Student visa with work rights: Eligible for part-time work up to 20 hours per week during study and one year Post-Study Work Visa after graduation

Year One Papers:
AHM 601  The Lodging and Food Service Industry (15 credits)
AHM 602  Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (15 credits)
AHM 603  Supervision in the Hospitality Industry (15 credits)
AHM 604  Hospitality Work-Based Learning Experience 1 (15 credits)

AHM 605  Managing Housekeeping Operations (15 credits)
AHM 606  Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations (15 credits)
AHM 607  Managing Front Office Operations (15 credits)
AHM 608  Hospitality Work-Based Learning Experience 2 (15 credits)
Year Two Papers

ARM 701  Managing Hospitality Human Resources (15 credits)
ARM 702  Hospitality Sales and Marketing (15 credits)
ARM 703  Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting (15 credits)
ARM 704  Hospitality Work-Based Learning Experience 3 (15 credits)

ARM 705  Security and Loss Prevention Management (15 credits)
ARM 706  Convention Management and Service (15 credits)
ARM 707  Development and Management of International Hotels (15 credits)
ARM 708   Hospitality Work-Based Learning Experience 4 (15 credits)

Course structure:

The programme is for domestic and international individuals with introductory professional level knowledge and skills of business or management who aspire to embark on a career as a specialist hospitality manager in New Zealand or overseas. People who complete the programme will have professional level understandings and practical experience in a range of hospitality management systems.

Programme content includes lodging and food service industry, hospitality facilities management and design, supervision in the hospitality industry, hospitality work-based learning experiences, managing housekeeping operations, managing service in food and beverage operations, managing front office operations, managing hospitality human resources, hospitality sales and marketing, hospitality industry managerial accounting, security and loss prevention management, convention management and service, and the development and management of international hotels.

Entry criteria: 
International students must be:

  • at least 18 years old and
  • have an average English IELTS proficiency level in Academic English at a 6.0 level; plus
  • hold a Level 5 qualification in Business, Management, Hospitality, Computing or equivalent.
  • Previous work experience or a demonstrated interest in the hospitality sector would be an advantage.

All applicants to the course will be required to complete an application form which demonstrates their interest in the hospitality sector and may be interviewed to assess their suitability for the course.
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Full-time students study 4 papers in one intake.

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