The Benefits of Enrolling at Lanka TEFL Training Institute

The Benefits of Enrolling at Lanka TEFL Training Institute

TEFL Certificate Course

London Teacher Training College
London Teacher Training College

TEFL Certificate – 120 hour (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

  • International teaching exposure and environment
  • Free Internship placement locally or  internationally
  • 50% off for the Montessori Diploma course, the certificate will be issued by London Teacher Training College – United Kingdom
  • Paid Internship placement in China
  • On completion of the English or Montessori Teaching Internship in China possibility to switch to work visa and become an official English Teacher or Montessori Teacher in China.
  • While on Internship you will get an allowance of Rs. 100,000 approximately.
  • While being an official Teacher in Montessori or English, you will get a salary of Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 400,000 or upwards.
  • You will not find this type of career guidance and the opportunities  anywhere else in Sri Lanka.
  • There are no placement charges for Internship or Official Teaching positions,

This offer is only for the first 20 student who enroll for the TEFL certificate course. The registrations are now on limited position available.

Note:  All the above benefits could be achieved individually, based on student’s performance.

For registration, call us on +(94) 0114-28-29-39 or email

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